Eluxury shipping information FYI~

  1. A few days ago you may remember my stagged sit-in for four days last week waiting for fed-ex (I do not have a fed ex in my town, closest is 1 hour away)

    Well, I had been given wrong information on when the item shiped from e-lux, by e-lux. So~ I stayed home literally for 4 days waiting.:cursing:

    I ordered again over this weekend. I called e-lux this morning (tuesday) and they said that it shipped yesterday. Which means I have to sit and wait today and tomorrow.

    I never received a tracking number, called fed-ex and they told me it had NOT been shipped. I called e-lux back and they told me "No- any orders placed on the weekend will NOT ship until Tuesday".

    So~ I filed a complaint as to the miss-information I was given not only on one occassion but twice in the last two weeks by e-luxury employees. I cannot believe I will have wasted 6 days waiting for packages.

    I just thought I would share my story with you all in case you are in a similar situation and have to wait for a package. E-lux ships weekend orders on Tuesday.

    Thanks for letting me vent....
  2. Sorry thats happened - that is appalling customer service - you really should complain!

    On a happier note - what have you ordered??:graucho:
  3. Well~ I am waiting for the amarante brentwood. I may return my amarante sunset...not sure. I am really on the fence as to spending that much $ on one bag:wtf:...It scares the crap out of me when I could be on a week vacation for the money. I will have to try it on to see. Wish me luck:confused1:...

    and thank you for your kindness:flowers:
  4. I'm sorry you are getting the run around. I hope your package comes soon. If not Eluxury really owes you a humungous gift certificate for lack of good customer service.:tdown:

    On the other hand FedEx arbitrarily made the decision to send my package via the US post office using parcel post to deliver my package. It was 2 weeks late. The idiot stated that I lived too far off his route and that it was easier for him to send the package via the post office. That was several months ago and I have been dreading to buy anything from Eluxury since. But I had this certificate and with the Father's Day free shipping I decided to take advantage of the savings.

    Now I'm wondering if my package will be lost again with Eluxury playing patsy to Fedex.:confused1:

  5. OMG! That is appalling to say the least and completely unacceptable. Funny thing...I asked them if they could use USPS priority mail and they said "No~ our policy is to use fed-ex".

    I hope you complained. It is one thing to discuss it with you first, then use priority mail. They did neither...horrible:cursing:...I am sorry.

  6. I love that bag - you must post pictures when it arrives!!!

    Spending money scares me too - but a week vacation is just that - you will have this baby forever!!;)
  7. I was frantic especially since I paid for priority FedEx service 2nd day air! The FedEx guy decided to do this on his own. When I contacted Eluxury that told me I had to call FedEx and that they had nothing to do with the delivery service. Can you get over that? Especially when I paid $30. for 2nd day air Fedex??
  8. Sorry for the trouble , Fed ex is a pain:tdown:
    I had a delivery early in am and noone was home , I called and the delivery guy said he was not passing back that way and he was bUSY AND WOULD COME BACK ON MONDAY!
    I wanted my amarante pochette wallet ,needed signature, but after repeated called to Fedex, i told the manager that i needed the package, it was overnight after all!
    She assured me it would be delivered later that day-and so it was at 530 pm!
    As for elux, i've never had problems on deliveries-always next day regular fedex( guess cause I'm in Louisiana)
    I'm sure if you express your agrevation to Elux, they will ' compensate you with a gift card or free shipping....
    Good Luck,
    Love your ama:smile:rante purchases-i love the color-d...m the prints!
  9. Oohh... I can't wait to see the Brentwood on you! I'm liking the Sunset in the Perle more than the Amarante. Thinking the dark color might make me look smaller and heavier.

  10. Did you call and turn in the delivery guy? I would have had his ass. You paid for a certain service and did not receive it...:cursing:

  11. Thanks:yahoo:~ I did complain. I had other issues w/ elux on saturday as well and received free shipping. BUT more happened since then. I do not think they know what hand is doing from the other...:confused1:
  12. Sorry to hear about your probs with Elux/Fedex. In my experience, elux has been very good with shipping, etc. and they will upgrade for free deliv or credit your accout for the delivery cost if I had a problem. If you are a VIP customer at elux, all your returns are free and you automatically get upgraded deliv when you choose "normal" deliv.
  13. I actually voice my fears on the forum. This fedex guy was lying through his teeth. He gave me some song and dance about giving his route to his partially mentally retarded daughter to do his job?:confused1: I don't have any thing against this, but is she able to work even? Was it even legal? I don't know the answer to this. In the end I just reported him to the police department especially after getting a ton of support from the forum.:tup:

    Weirdest thing was I actually saw this guy one day last month at my post office. Had goose bumps on my neck because I felt this was the man! He left his truck running while waiting in line had packages from NM, Saks, LLBean, Pottery Barn, and some other ones. Postal lady asked how may she assist him. Guess what? He told her he wanted to send all those packages via parcel post again!:cursing:
  14. That really stinks Ghost!

    Stupid question, but do you log into your elux account and check your order history? That is the way I usually track any packages from them even when they don't send an email with tracking info. I haven't had any issues although my first order was ordered on a Friday and I had it on the following Wednesday, the second order was ordered on Thursday and arrived on Saturday.

    What makes someone a VIP? How much do you have to spend?
  15. That's horrible, what a waste of your time.
    I have never had a problem with ELuxury. I have ordered quite a few things and much to my surprise usually get them sooner than they say they will arrive.
    I hope they give you a gift certificate for your hassle.
    Good luck.