Eluxury Shipping Experiences

  1. Hello! I just made my first ELUX purchase and did the standard shipping. They guarantee the delivery by next Wednesday, but I was wondering how long it took for you ladies to get your packages. The full standard shipping 5-7 business days??

    Also, where is the Elux LV stuff shipped from??

  2. I live in the MONW (middle of nowhere) but I get my packages within 5 days.
  3. LOL I love the acronym BFE as well!!!

    Thanks for the info:smile:
  4. The lady I placed my order with said that sometimes they don't ship their items out for 2 days after the order is placed!! :sad:
  5. it takes approximately 24-48 hours to process your order, and then another 3-5 business days from shipment date for you to recieve your package. they are shipped out from tennessee (the elux offices are in cali though. dont know how that works. lol.) you should get your order by the end of this week or early next week. :smile: i've gotten stuff within 3 days before.
  6. I was waiting for it at the door the first time I ordered from there. It was agony cause I thought it would be processed ASAP. I usually give it a week to not get my hopes up. I got free shipping anyway so I'm not gonna complain!
  7. I ordered on 9/13 and received my purse via Fed Ex on 9/16. It was shipped from Memphis, TN and I live in IL. I was very surprised and pleased with the fast shipping!!
  8. I ordered last Friday some LV agenda refills, and I got them yesterday. Talk about fast shipping!
  9. ^^ Maybe it depends too on what you're ordering? I ordered the mini lin speedy. So far no shipping confirmation email.
  10. It usually takes me about 5 days to recieve my order once it has been processed.
  11. First time I ordered, it was 3 days; second time it took 5, I think. Pretty good, really, because I'm in a small town, though not that far from Tennessee, where they ship from.
  12. I live in Wisconsin, and they ship from Tennessee. I usually get it within 2 or 3 days after it's been shipped. They're pretty fast. I have actually had stuff shipped on a Tuesday night and received it on Thursday morning.
  13. I am in Georgia and for whatever reason, shipping always takes FOREVER for me from elux. Generally it will sit "pending" for about 2 days and then "in process" will take another 3 - 4 days. Once they ship it it gets to me quickly. I just don' know why the "pending" or "in process" takes so long for me but it is VERY frustrating. I even called my cc company to see if there is a problem on their end, but they said there was not. I did just order another bag though, so we will see how long this one takes to get to me.
  14. I live in Maryland and have had the same experience....the "pending" and "in process" takes forever, but I alway pay for the upgraded shipping so it gets to my house quicker. The hardest part is waiting for it to ship. Still, though, ELux is more convenient for me than shopping (what with finding the time to drive somewhere, park, walk around, wait for service, drive home, etc.)

    Also, sometimes I may want something, but don't have the time to make the trip for a couple of weeks! ELux is definitely faster than that!:yes:
  15. I agree Leelee. Elux is super convenient. I have small children, and even though the LV store is about 45 minutes away, sometimes I feel as if it might as well be overseas!

    I just rechecked my order (I placed it about 3 hrs ago) and it is already "in process"! Maybe this order will ship quicker than my previous orders!