Eluxury Scare

  1. I've been thinking about purchasing the Manhattan PM from Eluxury to avoid paying taxes since there was the recent LV price increase, but is it worth it? Every now and then i've heard of problems with Eluxury that it's starting to make me think that it's worth going to the LV boutique and just paying tax to avoid any problems. What were some of your problems you've had on Eluxury or even LV.com?
  2. I've never had a problem with eLux. I'm very happy with their service!
  3. I've never had a Elux problem either. I've always been happy with their service.
  4. I love eluxury. I shop there a lot and have always been very pleased with them.

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  6. I have only purchased from eluxury once and did not have any problems. I know some people here have had some problems. Personally, I like going to the store because I can pick my bag. :yes:
  7. I bought several items from the eLuxury and never had a problem with them before. My items arrived really fast and well packed.

    However, I prefer buying all LV items in the boutique. You can see variety of merchandise there, and you can take an opportunity to try on some bags or accessories you like. Sometimes pictures don't do justice.

    For me, I have to pay tax when buying from the eLuxury, so I have to pay equally either way.

    One more advantage from buying LV in the boutique, you can establish you relationship with the SAs. That means better treat and greet, an invitation to their secial events, and sometimes VIP gifts. :happydance:

    At my regular boutique, most of the SAs in the store know me, it's always a very plesant experience visiting and shopping there. :angel:
  8. for me personally, it is not work the risk. I like inspecting my bags carefully before I buy them (i'm a bit picky about little things like scratches, wrinkles, etc). i'd rather pay a little more $$ and be assured I get the bag I want. But that's just me...
  9. I've had one bad experience with them but they corrected it in a very timely manner and even gave me a $50.00 store credit! I've made a lot of purchases with them before that and ever since and everything has been fine. Going to the boutique is a lot more fun ~ but I never walk out with just one thing ...
  10. No problems here at all...I've been buying from them since 2005. Everything from Juicy Couture charms, to the MJ shoes my mom got me for Christmas, to LV (bags, accessories, Inclusions) and all have been perfect, no problems at all.
  11. no problems with elux either, i've been buying my LVs from elux because i save on the taxes.
  12. I have ordered 3 louis vuitton bags from elux and never had a problem. They are great, I usally go to the store and try on the bags I like then I order them on elux saves alot of money in taxes.
  13. To be honest, I would never purchase an expensive bag from E-Luxury. To me, their return policy is too lenient and I have heard too many people on this forum returning their bags to them to have any confidence whatsoever that the bag I was getting wasn't a used bag. Especially with a bag like the manhattan which is very expensive and has several koala clasps on the front that could be scratched if it's been used. I would spend more and purchase directly from the boutique where I could pick out my bag.

    I was comfortable with E-Luxury until I joined this forum. I have not only heard too many stories about used bags, but the sheer number of people who are trying out bags, using them for weeks and then returning them because they don't like them make me extremely leary of ever purchasing anything on-line anymore. I know some people have had great experiences and that's wonderful. For me, the fun of the purchase would always be tempered because I would be worried about my bag being used, especially when you are paying full price.

    While I do realize the the boutiques do get returns, I know they are VERY picky about what they take back. Somehow, the knowledge that a minimum wage warehouse worker is deciding whether the bag is re-sellable just doesn't do it for me.
  14. I would only purchase small items online, for something like a bag, I'd get to a store somehow and pick out the one I want. Just to be perfectly safe.
  15. I have nothing but great things to say about Eluxury! Both bags and LV Checkbook holder have all been perfect! I am probably one of the most anal people out there when it comes to bags! And honestly the bags I've purchased from Elux were better packaged than ones I purchased from LV Store. (The LV store didn't give me a box and I didn't realize it until I got home, which was a 2 1/2 hour drive.)
    Elux is great!:tup: