Eluxury Sales Tax Loophole

  1. So, I live in California, so I must pay sales tax on many web purchases. I noticed on eluxury.com, they state that "eLUXURY charges sales tax for orders shipped to California and Tennessee."

    Keyword being SHIPPED. So, in theory, could I buy something, have it shipped to my mom in WA, and avoid the sales tax like the big cheapskate that I am?

    Anyone tried this? Do they go by shipping location and not billing address?

    I'd love to know ASAP, I am visiting my parents in WA next week!
  2. Yes, you are correct! I asked CS that same question. The first time I asked, they said I would be taxed--it is based on your billing addy, but the 2nd time I asked(last month), they said I would be exempt from tax. I told them that I was told differently the first time and they said that person gave me incorrect info because you are only taxed based on where the item is *shipped*.
  3. I heard that too before...

    that's good loophole for us in Cali
  4. eluxury charge for texas too right?
  5. Yeah you can do that. It's find if you're going to be seeing the person you had the package shipped to..otherwise, you'll be paying for shipping and insurance twice (once when they send it to your relative, twice when they send it to you.)
  6. I'm going to be in WA next week, so I asked my dad and he said I can have it shipped to him. Yes!

    I went for it and ordered my Tikal PM and my mono wapity! OMG!!

    Okay that is for sure going to be it for me for 2006. But what a wonderful year it has been!
  7. no tax for texas!

  8. ^^^Good to hear. i thought I heard that before but I'm glad its confirmed.

    hmm. maybe I should buy my next LV from eluxury. :idea:

    There's nothing different about their bags right? Its the same thing?
  9. sometimes on valentines day and mothers day, Elux. doesnt charge shipping. Its good to take advantage of it at those times.
  10. yea same thing, cept you dont get to choose if it was made in US, Spain or France. you get what you get.. you can return it and get another one.. but that's time consuming and costs you shipping/etc.
  11. I order from elux too, they ship pretty fast and no tax :yes:
  12. Congrats on your purchases jane! I'm really loving the tikal!
  13. For father's day they upgraded the shipping to FedEx
  14. FYI, if you do this, as I did, expect a phone call the next day from an eLux representative confirming that you did indeed place an order -- in other words give them a phone # where you can be reached and that is a number your bank has, too. I was pleasantly surprised and I told them I was glad they called.
  15. Yes that's right. My billing address is in California and I ship to Ohio-- I never get charged sales tax.