Eluxury Sale!!!!

  1. http://www.eluxury.com/estore/browse/category.jsp?navChild=&items=30&catId=cat20004&brand=3806

    LOTS of bags and shoes on sale!

    By the way, Holt Renfrew is having their Dior sale starting Nov 29. Dior buckle, Dior Cannage, Dior Jeanne (non runway-version), and Dior Gaucho (suede) are on sale (30-40% off).

    I already purchased the Jeanne small black hobo (40% off!!!) from Holts during their private Dior sale for my mom. Will post pics soon! The bag looks absolutely stunning!

  2. oh! Hello, I just purchased a Jeanne (the cream one shown within the pic below)...may I ask, which Jeanne did you purchase and how much did you purchase yours for? Thanks and happy holidays!

  3. Wish I lived in the US :hysteric:, you guys have great sales!
  4. How much was the cannage? I LOVE that line for some reason... can you post pics please so I can live vicariously through you? :p
  5. Hi BeautifulBasics!

    Here is the one that I bought...it was $985 plus tax after the sale!


    The frame-top versions (like the one that you have) are not on sale yet.

    The cannage bags were either 30 or 40% off (I don't remember) but they had a TON of them, including the flap versions, the hobos, and the polochons (even in metallic leather!).

    And I forgot to mention earlier that a lot of Lady Dior East/West bags are on sale.
  6. :heart:How cute avjoe! Your bag is adorable and you got a great deal!

    I wish I would have purchased black, mine gets dirty soooo easily (ha! and I haven't even used it once, the tag is still attached!). The suede on the back and front though is TDF! The softest I have ever felt...happy holidays.
  7. it's all very tempting. i like the bag you bought!
  8. Thanks for posting this! I bought the Dior Cannage Vinyl Medium Shoulder Bag, I'm so excited!

  9. Congrats girl, don't forget to post pics :woohoo:
  10. how much did you get it for? =)
  11. Oh my! This bag is no longer on sale on Eluxury.com! It's back at it's normal price. Maybe they made a mistake by putting it on sale!!! You're lucky you got it!
  12. yay the saddl eis only $150!
  13. Diorissimo, Jeanne and Trotter just added!
  14. ...and most of them sold overnight!!!