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  1. Just so I know. If I need to return a bag to eLuxury, how much does return shipping normally cost you?

    For any of you that have made returns to them before, I would appreciate your responses.
  2. I just made a UPS return today. I had to buy a new box (3.50), and the shipping was about 8.00 USD. Not bad. If you insure it it costs 1.50/100.00. Hope this helps!
  3. They come with the prepaid labels, so why are you ladies paying for the shipping?
  4. thanks for the info.
  5. So.... if you aren't happy with the purchase and send it back, eLuxury doesn't charge for the return shipping?
  6. I didn't know that the label included was pre-paid. My instructions read "pre-printed return label" It states " remove the peel-off backing and affix this over your original label.... insure your package and return it to us using the delivery of your choice." I don't think it's pre-paid.
  7. It's not a pre-paid label.

    I returned a bag once (in it's original box with stuffing) and it cost me over $9.00. Eluxury boxes are very large, I should have used another box and saved on shipping. :oh:
  8. It's not prepaid label. That's something you need to include along w/the return slip that comes along w/the invoice. You also take the sticker out from the 2nd page (return page). You'd have to pay for your own shipping and insure it (not worth saving few dollars since the values are usually high).

    The only time Eluxury will send you a prepaid Fedex shipping label (or if you decide to pay on your own, they'll credit your account only upto $8) is if you're making an exchange or if your item had a defect/something not right, they'll make the accomodation.
  9. Ditto what bella said
  10. Just want to comment that Sweetface isn't lying about the prepaid labels, I don't know how they determine who they send it to (maybe if it's going to a different address, the package includes a label?) but eluxury does send out prepaid labels.

    I've gotten two packages from eluxury that I didn't order myself (:heart: my family!) and they came with prepaid Fedex labels. It was in the envelope with the receipt and the return form and it's about half the size of the folded up receipt. It should say "FEDEX prepaid shipping label" somewhere on it.
  11. Well maybe they only come when you ship to another address, that would make sense.
  12. I think they sometimes have free shipping+free return period. Other times Eluxury still has real good return procedure. They will send you a prepaid fedex label via email or fax with $8 fee. This includes insurance. All you have to do is put your things back in the box with original shipping materials, seal, affix the address label from return form, then take to local fedex location. Give them the fedex label you received via email or fax then they process it and will give you a receipt with tracking number. My box was 6.8 lbs. and it would have costed me more if I used something else, especially since the bag price was $1500 and had to insure it.
  13. I just returned to elux and had a prepaid labeL AND THE TOP OF MY INVOICE SAYS-VIP CUSTOMER.
    To make sure, I call FEDEX to schedule a pickup and they siad just affix the prepaid label and return.
    So yes they do have them , but who gets them , ??????

  14. ^^^^^

    You have been UPGRADED to a VIP customer status because of your recent frequent purchases....and all VIPS have automatic upgraded fedex express shipping and FREE returns.......enjoy !!!
  15. Agree with travelbliss..

    Ok, to answer your question, the return shipping depends on the value of the bag.. (if you decided to have it insure only $100, and the carrier lost it; they will pay you only $100), so I think you should insure in full..

    If you insure in full, it will cost you (roughly) around $15 up (which is not bad)..

    Once you buy the bag frequently enough to be VIP, you will have "pre-paid Fedex return label", if you decided to return it; you will return it for free.

    Hope it helps...:balloon:
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