Eluxury returns

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  1. I'm contemplating returning an LV mono bag since I'm not too sure about dealing with the vachetta leather. The thing is, I have already removed the plastic wrapper from the handles. Would Eluxury still accept it for returns? It would still be within the 60 days from the original purchase date.
  2. I am sure. I've returned quite a few LV items to them. Call them first, get a return # and the reps I talked to were all very friendly and helpful.
  3. Oh yes, as long as it is in good condition (doesn't look used, can be resold) and it's within the 60 days, you should have no problem. Just don't forget to call and get the return number first.
  4. i returned a speedy after i took off the plastic, and got a refund, with no problem
  5. Yes, they would definitly accept the return, I would know, I am an advocate eluxury shopper.:nuts:
  6. Yes, customer service is very nice!!! I'm sure they'll take it back!
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