Eluxury Return Policy

  1. Well ladies, I need to hear about your experiences if you have ever returned or exchanged an item to eLuxury. I told you all that I ordered a LV Wapity and got it about 2 weeks ago. I kept putting off using my new beauty until today- and I was looking at the strap and it has a blue stain on it!! It looks like ink or something?! I am so angry about this, but I just want to know if you think that eLuxury is good with exchanging items. Let me know about your experiences. :Push:
  2. They're good with returns. I sent back a cles on Tuesday. They have processed the return and refunded the money to my CC already!! Good luck with your wapity :smile:
  3. Yeah, they're good with returns. I ordered a pair of MJ shoes, sent them back, and the credit to my card was processed within 2 days. Just call customer service and get a return authorization number, and fill out the return/exchange form that came with the item. There should be a space to choose exchange, and specify what you want.

    I hope they're able to send you a new one quickly, sucks about the stain :sad:
  4. Megs, the last time I returned something from them was last month. I called their toll free number, they gave me a return number to put on the form, returned it, and within a week I received an email confirming they refunded my money. I double checked my CC statement online and it was in fact credited.

    If you want to exchange it, normally they send you another one without charging you for shipping.

    You should be fine Megs. Heck, I am amazed they did not give you the Wapity for free giving you advertised them on the forum.
  5. Wouldn't that be nice?!!!!?! :biggrin:

    I'll call tomorrow about it! I was really kinda bummed, but hopefully I can get a new one sent to me soon
  6. Ditto. They're good with returns. Had to return a seriously flawed MJ bag and once they received my bag, my credit card was credited in two business days.

    BTW, you SHOULD get the Wapity for free for all your "advertising" ;) . From all the talk of the Wapity on this forum, I went and ordered three Wapities from Eluxury. I couldn't decide between the mono, the multi black and the multi white so I got all three :shame: . I really love them and now can't decide which one to use first ...
  7. they are really good with exchanges. You can even exchange the item for a different item, and they won't charge you shipping for it. I've never had a problem with Eluxury regarding exchanges and returns.
  8. Does anyone know what is the return policy for eluxury if the merchandise has never been used and it is over the grace period?
  9. I have no idea? You could call them or do a live chat with them?
  10. 60 days retun policy I think
  11. You have 60 days to return any item. You must call them or do live chat to get a return # and use the label they sent with your order.

    Beyond the 60 days....I am not sure you can do anything at that point??
  12. Yeah once the 60 days are up, that's it. I once got something in just under the wire, and was relieved that I hadn't put it off too long.
  13. yup you have 60 days and that's it