eluxury request

  1. hey guys, my birthday is comming up and my bf is getting me a damier speedy and my parents are getting me a eugenie wallet. I really want the lv's to say made in france not u.s or spain, do you think that if they talk to someone on the phone about this they could send me what i want. Also, i know that the monogram sometimes comes upside down, and i really dont want that for the eugenie wallet... so if anyone ordered on eluxury with a special request please let me know !! im so excited my birthday is in exactlly one month.. feb 9th :drool:
  2. Eluxury is not able to guarantee a bag made in France. If you wish to be guaranteed a bag made in France, you need to visit your closest LV boutique or LV counter and make the request. Tell them it is for your birthday, so they are less resistant into searching one from their inventory for you! Happy Birthday in advance!
  3. about the mono being upside down, on the front of the wallet the LV's will always be right side up, but the back will be upside down because they use one piece of canvas. you cant change that, but when u flip it over, they will be right side up! :smile:
  4. I think is better to go directly to a boutique. And please post pictures as soon as you get them. :yes:
  5. And also I was told that a lot of the Damier Speedy is being made here in the U.S. since it has gotten so popular.