eLuxury rebate!?

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  1. :wtf:OMG, for those of you who use those Rebates sites to get additional % off on Eluxury, when did that drop from 5% to 3%?? I use the one starting w/MR........I know the other one was bouncing between 3~4% off, but going from 5 to 3 w/o any notice.....>"<:hysteric:
  2. It's been down for a while (at least 6 months). Saks is down on some some sites but the same on others. You know what makes me mad is all the cash the sites are keeping- I have a friend who's company's deal is 8% back for the customer and 12% back for the rebate site:wtf:
  3. Oh wow. I didn't realize the rebate site gets a % back as well. How nieve am I?!! :nuts:
  4. The one I've used since dec of 07 was still at 5%, until today it dropped to 3%, booo!
  5. thanks for this awsome site! :nuts:
  6. I am just about to request payment from a rebate site. Do you normally ask for check or do a paypal?
  7. Be careful with Lucky Rewards. They reversed a $20 reward for a purchase because I used a discount code. The fine print says you cannot combine with any other offer or coupon code unless it's on the Lucky site. I knew I should have went through e b a t e s .
  8. That's strange, I have gotten all of my Bluefly ones even though I always use a Bluefly code on top of clicking through Lucky.
  9. They may not always catch it because I made Sephora orders with the friends & family code without a problem. Maybe they only audit high % rewards. My $20 reward was 13%.
  10. Wow, thanks for posting that site! Wish I knew about it before buying some stuff on Shopbop last week...would've gotten back more than double the $$ had I used a different rebates site.
  11. Wow!!! :nuts: Thanks NewYorkBlue!! :flowers:
  12. Thank you so much for posting that site I love it. :love:
  13. Any one know of any rebate sites for eluxury higher than 3 or 4%? I missed the 5% or when they do double % :'(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.