Eluxury Question

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  1. Each time I visit the Eluxury site, I notice that the bags (LV)are in a different order within their category. Is it by popularity? Sometimes I have to scroll all the way through to look for a specific bag...sometimes it is on the first page.

    Does anyone know? I have always wondered this.
  2. im not sure if it is in any particular order...i think it is random...
  3. Could be. I know when you do a search, it shows the most popular items on the side. So I wouldn't doubt it.
  4. hmm. it seems like it. good question
  5. interesting thought, I have never noticed!
  6. So I don't miss anything I usually type in Louis Vuitton in the search area and then hit the price low to high button and scroll through all 90ish pages....I find that I see even sold out items that way (I'll click on it, and it'll say out of stock).:smile:
  7. I think the order of the items listed also changes as items go out of stock and come back in stock. Otherwise, I don't really know why the listing varies.