Eluxury question

  1. Hello everyone and thank you for the wealth of information on this site.

    I'm purchasing an LV purse for my wife for Christmas to match the wallet I got for her birthday from eluxury. Since this is my first time purchasing during the holiday season, is there any sense to waiting to see if Eluxury has any upcoming coupon codes or if any rebate sites such as ******, fatwallet, or Mr.Rebates will increase the percentage back or should I just purchase it now.

    Thank you for all your help and if I posted in the wrong sub-forum I apologize.
  2. You can wait for a free shipping code unless the bag you are interested in is in demand. What bag do yo plan on buying? Earlier someone posted that they asked for free shipping when she was speaking to some one through live chat & they gave it to her. It doesn't hurt to ask. You can also ask them how many they have in stock. By the way, you just missed 8% cash back from ******.

    I'm not sure but I think you should've posted this question under Deals & Steals. Anyway, I hope I helped you.
  3. ****** gives 4% back. there was a promotion a couple weeks ago that doubled to 8% cash back... but it was only for one day. i don't know of any upcoming promotions or anything, though. sometimes elux has free shipping, but not sure when they'll do it again.
  4. The bag I'm purchasing is the Boulogne. Being a novice, I'm not sure if this is an in demand item or not. I know I missed the ****** promotion and the pre-price increase and am kicking myself for it. I would have never thought that ****** would have doubled eluxury....

    Once again, thanks to everyone for the help!!!