Eluxury purchase HELP is it normal!!

  1. I just opened my package from eluxury to find the handles of my Musette Salsa wrapped in plastic. I thought that was a sure sign of a fake. Please assure me that it okaY!:sad:
  2. :lol: some of the bags come with the handles wrapped in plastic. and eLuxury is the only website that sells authentic LV, so don't worry. IT'S REAL.
  3. Nope, Elux keeps wrapping on all vachetta items, no need to worry....
  4. The bags from eluxury do usually come wrapped. At the store, this wrapping is usually removed by the SA.
  5. Thanks everyone I was freaking out...I guess after reading all the horror stories here I am a little paranoid:yahoo: So I love my new musette.
  6. congrats on your musette..very happy for you!!!
  7. I actually prefer my vachetta wrapped when it arrives from eLUX. Congrats! Use it well :smile:
  8. :rolleyes:
  9. Well, eLuxury is a SAFE bet that the item is authentic, so this much is true. :yes:

    The statement that it is the ONLY website that sells authentic LV is wrong though - just check out some other threads with other reputable sellers that have their own websites for proof of that.:angel:

    At this time, eLuxury is the only website recognized by LV however. :wlae:
  10. P.S.

    If it came from eLuxury, even if it came with plastic on the handles, it 100% REAL so no worries babe :yahoo:
  11. Don't worry it is real!!!!!!!!!! Eluxury is the only online store where you can purchase authentic LV. If you didn't buy from there then you eed to worry! So enjoy your new purse!!!!
  12. To my knowledge Elux *IS* the only authentic online retailer of NEW LV goods. Some ebay sellers may sell authentic items, but they are not brand new. No one else online sells factory fresh LV goods besides Eluxury.
  13. ^^ 100% true.
  14. Actually all the bags come with plastic on the strap/handles, when you buy items at the store the SA is required to remove them.
  15. Congratulations, and yes, the bag is real.