ELuxury promo code?

  1. Does anyone know of a current ELuxury promo code? I'm about to make my first LC purchase - a Speedy 25. :love: :nuts:
  2. eLuxury rarely has any promo code. If it does, the best is only going to be free shipping.
  3. That's what I assumed but the only posted free shipping codes I found were expired. Thought it couldn't hurt to try. :biggrin:

    I'm getting my bag with or without free shipping. :biggrin:
  4. i believe there's free upgraded shipping right now for mother's day.. so you'd still hafta pay but you'd get your bag quicker.
  5. Yeah...maybe i should order something at this time....better than nothing:wondering
  6. nope..no codes at this time besides free shipping :sad:
  7. I know this is a lil off topic, but do you need to pay your states sales tax when purchasing from e-luxury? I'm thinking if I don't I can save over a lil $$$.
  8. from the website:

    eLUXURY charges sales tax for orders shipped to California and Tennessee. Recipients of orders shipped to other states are responsible for complying with state and local tax laws.

  9. luckylacoste - do you know of a free shipping code? They are offering a free upgrade so I'll get it faster but I still have to pay the 21.00 shipping. Oh well, at least I'll get it faster! :biggrin:
  10. Thanks! I don't know why but I had a hard time finding that on the site. Hmmm, free shipping and no sales tax, a new LV is now starting to look a little tempting...but there is still a thrill about buying it in the store.
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