Eluxury prices versus Ebay prices on LV

  1. I was just looking at several auctions by one of the "LV reputable sellers". Anyway. I noticed that just about everything is about $110 more than when you it would cost you brand new on Eluxury. I couldn't believe that. Some of these auctions are for almost new, barely used items. I just hope that everyone does their homework and buys new before they bid on this person's auctions. Still in shock.:hysteric:
  2. How about those auctions where price is within $200.00 of a new $1,400.00 bag. Personally, I would pay the additional $200 to buy it new and have a piece of mind.
  3. Yeah, but some people don't have access to Eluxury...like me:hysteric: or the boutique and have no choice:sad:
  4. 200 dollars can make a big difference to some people. Some people prefer a bag with some color on it also.

    I'm not an ebay stalker, but I've never seen bags that are currently in stores going for more than their retail price. I've seen discontinued bags going for more than they were originally. Does someone have a link to an example of the original question?
  5. I HAVE seen some people who don't adjust the price ones their new bags hit the stores (like those from the Charms and Perfo lines when they came out.)
    I think they just keep them at that price hoping they'll make a profit, but just relist them when the supplies at LV run out and people are more desperate for the item.
    But I haven't seen any current bags that are more..like elongreach said, do you have any links to the bags in question?
  6. Here's one that is considerably more expensive on eBay than it is on eLux. WTF? :shrugs:

    eBay: AUTH LOUIS VUITTON DAMIER DUOMO - NWT (item 6866209563 end time Aug-28-06 15:32:05 PDT)
  7. hippiechic

    That is the link that I was getting ready to post for elongreach. You can buy it cheaper on Eluxury than from that ebay seller.

    Now, I guess there are some people that can't buy from Elux but it's ashame to actually pay more on ebay than retail.
  8. Retail for some people is far higher than the elux prices, because of local taxes on luxury items.

    I'm not a fan of that kind of pricing though.. eBay's for deals ! :biggrin:
  9. Yeah..this is why I only use ebay for discontinued pieces, not current ones.
  10. you have to remember that there are international buyers on Ebay. In many foreign countries, the price of LV is considerably higher than Elux.