eLuxury...pomme d'amour

  1. Just looking at eLux right now and these items that pomme d'amour comes in are available!

    - 4-key holder
    - Reade PM
    - Zippy wallet
    - Viennois
    - Bedford
    - Ludlow
    - Snapped billfold and coin purse
    - Small ring agenda
    - PTI
    - Brentwood
    - Lexington (arghhh there is a pomme d'amour swatch but the picture link is broken!!)
    - Houston
    - Koala (:drool:)
    Not yet available:
    - Mini ring agenda
    - Cles

    I don't know...the colour looks so much better in posters' pics! In this pic, it looks like a cross between framboise and rouge!
  2. Karman, what are you going to buy?:graucho:
  3. Thanks Karman!! ARGHHHH I don't need this temptation!! LOL
  4. Can't wait to see it IRL:heart:
  5. ^ Lee. The color is TDF! I don't really like red too much but it is really pretty.
  6. I DUNNO..I'm really indifferent about the color....sometimes it looks too much like blood...and sometimes it looks like a nice red apple...

    i dunno..it's prolly just me.
  7. Nothing off eLux, since they don't even ship to Canada! :blah:

  8. Hahaha. The picture above does not show the true color, IMO. It's more of a candy apple red. The one pictured looks like blood.
  9. I really like the color.
  10. Will Nick be assisting you as *partner in crime* for your bf to pick out something lovely for your Valentine's Day?;)
  11. The cles was available on elux...it just sold out really fast! Mine shipped out yesterday :yahoo:
  12. hmmm. i have GOT to go check that out in person!
  13. i don't see lexington or cles anymore!
  14. I don't think so! Hahaha!
    Although, I could ask Nick to bug my boyfriend IF he sees him at LV (and if he recognizes him) to try to get him to buy the Azur pochette! I think the probability of that happening though is very low. My boyfriend went to Holts to get me a gift card and I was so surprised he stepped in there alone!

    I am still a little undecided about that though...the pochette is $305 in Canada, and including tax it will be around $325. I'm not sure if that's within my boyfriend's expected range. If he's not okay with that, I may just get him to buy the pomme cles for me, which will be about $100 less. :shrugs:
  15. is this the new colour from the vernis collection ? ? ?