eluxury pics?


Feb 16, 2006
why is it that some pictures on the eluxury site look fake..
i mean i know obviously the bags they sell are real but in some pictures like for instance the babylone.. in there picture it shows the straps surrounded by the lv's . but in pictures i see here. eveyones babylone strap is covering the second lvs...

also there are some pcture were the lv's dont line up or arent centered on the bag. (like on the manhattan gm picture)

does anyone know why this is? is it done on purpose? like maybe in case of picture stealers?
i know that even on the Vuitton website they have pictures that aren't right. like with the cerises, they have the stem coloring backwards. i think it's to protect the real images and make sure that if they are stolen they will at least not be the real thing? not sure.
I've even seen a couple of pics in the official LV catalogue that are a bit off - eg, there's a picture of the mini monogram pochette cles which shows the monogram pattern going diagonally upwards rather than horizontally.
If you look at the white multicolor Speedy pic on Eluxury, it show the bag with red LVs on it. Of course, there are no red LVs on a mc piece. From what I understand though, LV does occasionally change the layout of the monogram canvas on certain models.
A lot of companies do it. The company I used to work for were given prototypes at the end of each season to use for photo shoots and sometimes the designers would then send the final product with tons of changes.