Eluxury or Sales Associate, who to buy from?

  1. Just wondering what others thought of this, I've read that people will buy from Eluxury and not have to pay tax? Is that true? I want the Wapity in White MC, but feel bad if I buy it online vs. my SA (love her). Opinions, please
  2. If you don't care about the paying taxes issue, then buy from your SA whom you seem you really like. ;) That way, your building a relationship with her.
  3. I buy alot of my smaller items from elux. Sometimes when you're ready to spend a good amount of money you want to see the item you're purchasing or if you think you like something but you haven't seen it in person yet I'd suggest going to LV.
  4. I always buy from my SA. The more you buy, the greater chance you will score a VIP gift!!! :yes:
  5. I shop at the boutique because I love the experience and get to see all of the new stuff.
  6. About elux, it's true about not having to pay sales tax unless you live in California or Texas (not 100% sure about the second state).
  7. I've only bought from elux to use a gift certificate. It bothered me to not buy something from my SA he is so nice.
  8. **eLUXURY charges sales tax for orders shipped to California and Tennessee. Recipients of orders shipped to other states are responsible for complying with state and local tax laws.
  9. No choice here, boutique for all Canadians. I think given the choice, I'd prolly still buy from an SA, I really adore the ones that my local store !
  10. Still like buying from the boutique, I get to see and touch the bags before I buy them.
  11. I buy a lot from eLux because I live pretty far from a boutique. I do, however, love the boutique experience. If I lived closer I would always shop at a boutique.
  12. I always try to buy from my SA. She is super sweet and always calls me when something new comes in.
  13. If I could save tax here in Canada by buying online, I'd probably buy bigger items online -- when I buy my Ursula, I will pay over $260 in tax and for that price, I could buy a pochette, or another smaller accessory. Perhaps when I start working and finish school, I will be able to afford to buy more in the store, but for now, I'd have to take that $260 savings. Probably for smaller items, and wallets, I'd buy in the store to continue to build my relationship. If you can afford it, I'd say buy it in the store from your SA!!
  14. I usually buy from the LV store and ship it to my friend's house in the state where there are no LV stores..... and save a lot on taxes!
  15. Well since you live in Los Angeles there is no advantage to buying from Elux. They charge Sales Tax if they ship to California or TN.