eluxury or Louis Vuitton

  1. i usually go to the Louis Vuitton in Virginia. I like it because there are actually 2 so if one doesnt have what im looking for, the other one generally does. but, for those of you who dont have an LV near you, where do you get yours? eluxury, eBay???
  2. I drive to my nearest (2 hours each way) Vuitton.com do ship in the UK but I just prefer the store
  3. I would do eluxury if I saved on the tax. Since I'm in California, elux charges tax so I would rather just go to the store.
  4. Eluxury is a great place to buy from, especially when they have FREE shipping!
  5. I also perfer the Vuitton boutique versus eluxury....I like to try the bag to see if it is a fit for me...and like prior posting I am also in the DC metro area..If I can't find it in the Vienna boutique I just hop up to Chevy Chase...2 boutiques within a small driving radius...life is grand!!!Happy bag hunting...
  6. same here.
  7. Eluxury...free shipping, no tax! I have to admit, I am intimidated as HELL by the LV store near me. (at Lenox Mall in Atlanta!) This is because I am 20 and look about 15 and do not look like I have a lot of money to spend by any means, so I have a feeling I'd get the shaft by the SAs there.
  8. LV all the way if possible.
  9. i like Eluxury so much ....
  10. The nearest LV boutique is a 5 hour drive for me. It would be great to be able to pick out my bags IRL rather than guessing if something would look good on me. Once in my life I will buy from the store, just for the experience/thrill of it. After that, even if I was closer to an LV store I would use it to decide which bags to buy, and then have them shipped to my home from the store (if they do that) or buy from Eluxury to save tax.
  11. I try to travel to LV instead of shopping online if I don't search for a LE item..I don't care how far I have to travel :p
  12. Thanks for asking this. I am planning out my first LV purchase and I stopped by the LV counter at Neiman Marcus (Tysons Galleria). I'm less intimidated by NM than I am of the LV store. But how lovely would it be for me to buy my first bag at the boutique? Hmmmm....
  13. Now that LV just opened a boutique 10 minutes away, I'll be there. The only good thing about shopping from ELux is saving the tax. There is no saving on shipping if you're a VIP customer. Bottomline: Any savings depends on the item you're buying because of the tax/shipping vs item price.
  14. i prefer the boutique. something about being in the actual louis vuitton and buying a purse, it's just an experience that you can't get over the internet.
  15. It depends on what I'm getting....if its a bag I like to go to the boutique and try on the bags and get a feel for it. But if its something small, then I'll order from eluxury and take advantage of the free shipping (which i did when I bought my mono cosmetique pouch).