eLuxury or buying over the phone from LV (866 VUITTON)


Dec 29, 2006
I'd prefer to buy from an actual LV store, but I don't have the time to drive to one. I know I can buy from eLuxury, but I've posts on TPF that make me a little weary about it (shipping and quality problems). I looked at the LV site and they say you can order over the phone. Does anyone have any experience with this? I was planning to expediate the shipping. Overnight shipping is cheaper ordering over the phone ($30) than express shipping from eLuxury ($35).
Aug 2, 2006
Most of my purchases I do on eluxury, LV Hawaii (they are the best) or ebay. I have had so many bad experiences with going into the boutique (Union Square SF). I think its because I look really young and being short does not help that whenever I go into a store, no one comes up to me and asks if I want help. I always have to hunt a SA down, or wait for them to help what seems like everyone else first. I truly believe because I look young that they think I don't have money and that I am just browsing. It is for this reason I like to shop on line instead. Maybe if I find a good SA I will change my opinion on boutique shopping.


Dec 29, 2006
LVobsessed415 I totally understand what you mean about not being helped in the store. I got my Speedy 30 at the Union Square store and I'm pretty sure I got helped because my mom was with me. I came into the store alone at first and was ignored. Then my mom came and met me and someone rushed to help. I'm 24 but I look 16. I feel for ya!

The Santa Clara store seems nicer though. Everytime I've gone in just to look around I've been greeted and asked if I needed help. I think whether people help you depends on the location. The Union Square store is so popular they probably feel they can ignore some customers. It's not right, but I can see that mentality.


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Sep 21, 2006
I'm so new this. My first purse (Speedy 30) was a Xmas present last year and my Neverfull MM was a birthday present this year. What is a charge send?

When you call 1866 they will direct you to the store that carries the item you are looking for. The SA will take your information over the phone and charge the item on your cc and send it to you.


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Sep 19, 2006
The closest store to me is well over an hour away, so I actually have never bought anything at a boutique! (yet). I have, however, purchased from 866. They have been super nice to me and I have received my items promptly and they have been in perfect condition!


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Sep 25, 2006
Here's how I do it:

Advantage to Elux:

no tax
offers free shipping at times
no hassle-returns w/i 60 days
free exchanges
VIP gets upgraded shipping and free returns & headsup to future sales

LV boutique:

when I can't find what I want on Elux
To "try on" or see items, then I buy from Elux
no shipping fees
but sales tax here 7%