Eluxury One Day Sale - 20% off all sale items and FREE shipping!!

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    *Orders received by December 13th at 11:59 PM (PST) are guaranteed standard (ground) delivery by December 24th. Offer applies on standard shipping to a single address only. If you choose multiple addresses, an additional charge of $8 per address will apply. This offer is not valid on purchases containing only Louis Vuitton merchandise. This offer is not transferable and may not be applied to previous orders. This offer does not apply to packages shipped to Alaska and Hawaii.

    **The One Day Sale begins December 11 at 12:01 am (PST). Discount will be automatically taken at checkout. This offer does not apply to previously purchased merchandise.
  2. Thanks Mello!:tup:
  3. ^ no prob!! happy shopping!!
  4. I got the Dior earrings. With the sale and extra 20% off and free shipping it came to almost 50% off the original price. Score for my cousin!
  5. grrr. I just ordered a juicy dress from them last week and now its onsale =(. Does anyone know if elux has a price adjustment policy?
  6. Thanks for posting! I just ordered by first Kooba in Pewter :yahoo:
  7. yeah! thanks!
  8. thanks...
  9. ordered MJ bag
  10. angel, I ordered a Dior sale bag yesterday. This always happens to me, it's happened more than once at different online stores; I order and the next day there's an additional discount. I sent an email today to CS to see if they will honor an adjustment. My fingers are crossed!
  11. I've had this happen before. Last time I really had to fight for my price adjustment because they no longer had my size. Their rationale was that they wouldn't give me an adjustment because the item was sold out in my size. :confused1: They did give me an adjustment because I made a big fuss.

    I bought a pair of Tod's flats a few days ago and now they're $44 cheaper. So I placed a new order and I'm just going to return the previous pair when they arrive. I'll have to pay for return shipping but it's still cheaper than paying the previous non-sale price.
  12. Yeah i don't get them. i ordered a kooba pewter on Thursday and it went on sale at Shopbop Friday for $30 less and I've been emailing them to see if they price adjust and theres been no response. I feel like ordering it elsewhere and just shipping it back. especially since I have to pay tax at elux. :sad:
  13. I'd call them instead of emailing them. It's really the only way you can get anyone to take action.
  14. ahh yes, i'm on hold with them now. Thanks Lori. wish me luck:smile: oh and on topic, i bought a L.a.M.B. coat for 20% off that was already on sale too. yippeee....
  15. Thanks for posting!! :smile: