ELuxury Messed Up!

  1. Last friday, a Damier Azur mini acces. pouchette was on there, so of course I grabbed it up, well Federal Express just delivered it to me, but when I opened the box there was a mini agenda in the box!
    It really is cute, I think I will keep it!
  2. In addition to the azur. LIKE 2 FOR 1 ?!?
  3. No, No......the agenda instead of the mini.....
  4. r u paying the rite price? like the agenda and the pochette equal price?
  5. I don't know, I need to call them. The mini pouch. was $215.00, does anyone know how much the mini agenda is?

    I will have to call them and adjust my account either way.
  6. Mini Agenda is like $265??
  7. Ok thanks, I better call them!
  8. You should call them and *act* like you are upset. Maybe they will send you the pochette for free if you cite bad customer service and you don't want to send the item back and forth! :p Cross your fingers!
  9. Oh no! I'm so scared now.:sad: I ordered the vernis cles in framboise, like a couple days ago and i'm worried that they are going to mix up my order too. I hope they don't. The thing that worries me, is that they never had it in framboise in a long time on e-luxe and all of a sudden they got it back in. Also, i just happen to get the last one. =/ Gawsh i'm soooooooooooo worried.
  10. I'm sure it will be fine. I ordered the Framboise Ludlow last week and I got it fine.
    I love the Vernis line, so pretty.
  11. i have seen a lot of threads everywhere lately about e-luxury messing up, i really hope they get their act together, otherwise i'm screwed!
  12. I know, but the thing that making me worry is that for like 4 months now e-luxe didn't have the cles in framboise...AND all of a sudden lit shows up like 2 days ago, so i had to order it. I just don't want them to mess up on my order. Plus i keep hearing all these stories about e-luxe and its starting to have me worried.
  13. OMG!!! The last two LV purchases I've made through them, they've sent me duplicate orders!! Two of each item and also charged me TWICE!!! :nuts:

    Thank God, they pay for returns and I get free shipping, otherwise, it would have been quite the headache! What's going on with them??? :cursing:
  14. I had them send me the wrong item also- back in December- I just figured it was the holiday season and they were really busy. I ordered the sweet monogram necklace and they sent me the earings instead. When I called they sent me a fedex slip to mail the earings back and sent out the necklace overnight.