Eluxury Massive Sale!

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  1. Hey ladies, I just got an email from eluxury stating that they added extra items to their handbags sale section. I checked it out and there are 7 new pages of stuff!

    I just picked up a black patent leather Fendi B. shoulder bag for 40% off retail! Check it out ladies! There's a TON of fendi, dior, and tods on sale!!! :yahoo:

  2. Thanks! I will have to go check it out! It seems like everyone is having their big sale.
  3. Just ordered the Kooba Nicole in Rose that I've been eyeing for so long for only $357, using free shipping code 'Soho' :yahoo:. Thanks LV Mania!!
  4. BabyK, that bag looks gorgerous. Is the color shown rose? It looked like ivory/cream color. Now I'm thinking about this one. haha...
  5. Does anyone know of they post to the Uk?
  6. No, they will ship to the U.S

  7. The color shown is ivory. The rose looks like this:


    The color is hard to find. I've only seen it on Elux so far, and now it's on sale, I HAD to grab it.
  8. Thanks BabyK. Congrats! Hope you enjoy your new bag!

    I wonder how come they don't have the ivory one on sale. I like that color a lot.
  9. OMG, soooooooo tempted!!!
  10. YOU ARE SO WELCOME BABYK! I looove great deals just as much as sharing them. :graucho:
  11. I'm so glad I seen this. Thank you for the information.
  12. Thanks for the the post!!! Just ordered a pair of tods ballerina flats...
  13. Thanks for the post. I just bought the Fendi B red patent purse this morning.:yahoo:

  14. Really!!!??!! The ivory/red one? It didn't have that option when I was adding it to my cart so I just got the black/black one... :sad:
  15. Uh I'm jealous. I kept debating on getting it all morning. I'm holding out for a certain Marc Jacobs bag. Post pictures when you get it. I was eyeing that bag for a few months.