eluxury is closing down…well ..changing

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  1. So tell me how I did not know this. :wtf: I just got off the phone with their customer service and it is true!!
    They are changing the site to a magazine style format and will no longer be an e-tailer. They are not ordering more product. They will only have the products they currently have in stock until sold out. The current change over date is June 30th.
    I am sooo disappointed, this was the only site I really trusted for authentic LV, etc. I was told that the management feels that since the designers have their own e-tailer sites that consumers are using those.
    The customer service rep was very sweet and stated she would forward my remarks to her Manager. I guess I was lucky buying my last Fendi at the 30% off sale price sale. Maybe if we all call they will keep selling.
  2. :sad:
  3. This is sad. It did appear they were carrying fewer brands the last year.
  4. They do continue to receive new merchandise until June 30th, especially LV. There is a few more scheduled, new deliveries for other designer brands until June, so operation will continue as usual until June. eLuxury isn't dead quite yet.

  5. Damn, that's depressing. I wasn't expecting that at all. I've never bought from them but I've always known them as a good retailer.
  6. But they just unveiled new spring collections?
  7. There's a big thread on this already, please do a search :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.