Eluxury is back!

  1. :roflmfao: You know you're an addict, when you're excited a shopping site it back.:party:
  2. nooooo...is it really back? I got so excited when I saw your post! But it's not loading for me...oh bah...maybe its my browser? which one are you using?

    oh i miss elux!
  3. I use explorer, and I just checked still running for me :smile: I love it too...especially when planning a trip to the store, helps me 'scope' out what I want to see...lol
  4. I never knew it was down...I've been getting on the site just fine.
  5. It was down for me the other night, but it's been up for me since... i've ordered a red epi speedy in the meantime. :shrugs:
  6. :crybaby:I don't understand...I miss elux...wah!

    Whenever I try to go to elux, it just tells me the connection has timed out...good thing there's still tPF and louisvuitton.com, or else I'd be going through LV withdrawal :crybaby:
  7. How long was the site down? I do not think they deliver to Mexic so I never order from there, but I love to look at goodies there and drool!
  8. I have been looking at Elux for the last two days. If you're still having trouble accessing it, maybe you need to clear out your browser's cache.
  9. Hmm....I just did that and I still cannot access the site. Any other ideas?
  10. ^^ me too :sad: still no luck!

    any techies out there? I've tried in both Firefox and IE, so its probably not the browser...oh I miss elux :sad:
  11. The site is still down~~~~~~~ :hysteric:
  12. It sounds like they are having server issues, I am sure they have several. It was 'down' for me for 2 days. Depending on how the route their traffic, it is (obviously) feasable that some can access and some can not. As some one mentioned if you clear your cookies and history you might get lucky and get on to one of the servers that are up....

    But, the problem with doing that, if you have any automatic logins, they will be gone (that's a cookie function).

    I am leaving my window open, lol...just in case.

    You can also try this link:
    Louis Vuitton - Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbag, Louis Vuitton Shoes & Accessory Items at eLUXURY

    that's a working page for me, so it might get you to a working server.

    Good luck ;)
  13. True true! I bet that's the issue.
    Man, i want to know how much in sales they're losing! I hope they have people working night and day to get the issue fixed. That's quite a blow.
  14. I'm still mad at elux about the ****** thing, I might never order there again.
  15. spylove22- I think Eluxury might be back on ******. I checked ****** this morning and it was on the list! I can't confirm that it's still back since I'm at work, and it's blocked, but definitely check it out.