Eluxury Inventory

  1. I was finally ready to buy my very first LV (Damier Speedy 25). I go to elux and *gasp* they're all out of stock!:crybaby: How long does it take for elux to get more in stock??? I was really looking forward to purchasing the purse tonight. I'm so bummed!
  2. They once told me because it's a popular item, they should be getting stock in daily.. perhaps keep checking the website? Good Luck!
  3. I don't know the answer to your question but I noticed the same thing. I had the damier speedy 25 in my cart along with the 30. Well the 25 was removed and said, "out of stock".

    I wasn't heartbroken because I had already sort of decided on the 30. I think a lot of people were waiting on the free shipping.

    The free shipping along with no tax & ****** is a great deal. It's almost like a LV sale:drool:

    I'm sorry that what you wanted wasn't available. Maybe you can call to see when they expect to get them again. Maybe they will still honor the free shipping when they get them back in stock.:confused1:
  4. I think the free shipping promo may be draining their inventory a little faster. Hopefully there will be more soon.
  5. Thanks Kookie!

    I'm in CA so I still have to pay sales tax :sad: so I guess I'm really not getting a deal.

    I've been reading post about the Damier 30 being too saggy and that's why I decided on the 25. I guess I will have to be patient and wait for them to be in stock again!
  6. I ordered from eLux once and decided I would rather go to the boutique, since I was already paying tax; I could at least save on shipping. How far do you live from your nearest boutique?

  7. Have you tried using ******?? I heard of other PFers having good results, I just tried it the other day. I thought.. might as well give it try, might actually get 3% return! :graucho:
  8. So I woke up early this morning and they had the Speedy 25 in stock!:yahoo: I didn't waste anytime and quickly added it to my shopping cart. I got the free shipping but CA tax was $50.00!! I think the closest LV to me is in Beverly Hills but I much rather buy online then go to the store. I can't wait for it to come in the mail I'm so excited. YAY!
  9. Why don't you try 866....shipping is only $10.
  10. Shipping or tax?

    I got free shipping but Ca tax added on an extra 50 bucks
  11. I had the same thing happen. I went on ELUX to order a Speedy 35 and there were none left. I was pretty bummed. No taxes (i'm in NC) and free shipping would've been great!
  12. If you're refering to the mono speedy 35, I just checked and they are in stock. :yes:
  13. you're right! they weren't last night! YEAH!

    what ******?
  14. Omg!!!!!!!! Sweet
  15. Wait - I can't find them. :sad: