eluxury international shipping?

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  1. Hey guys,
    There are approximately 873 Marc Jacobs beauties that I want on eluxury.com - the only problem is I live in Ireland and they won't ship them to me :hysteric:
    I've heard of some intermediate sites that will ship them for me, has anyone ever used them? Also, has anyone outside the States/Canada managed to buy anything from eluxury.com and how did they fare out?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a million!
  2. :hysteric:
    Hello. I have the same problem! Someone helps?Thanks!!!:ty:
  3. I feel your pain and wish I knew the answer.
  4. ----------------------------------------------------------------

    There are several shippers which provide the service you need. This is what they do "The US shippers provide you with a genuine US street address that is unique to you. This is not a Post Office Box! This is your own street address that US retailers will accept as a valid shipping destination" .

    Here are the links to some of their sites

    Access USA



    It is up to you to read the terms and conditions and find out which one is more convenient. I gave up opening my account once I realised that I will have to pay shipping twice (from the shop to the US address and from the US address to my home address) plus US taxes and custom taxes. It works out that even with the US$ so low compared to the Euro, adding all those extras is usually just as expensive or more than buying stuff in Europe....:tdown: I usually go to large cities such as Paris or London and look for designers'stuff over there, plus I get a trip to a nice place and I am the one who enjoys the extra money spent, rather than the shippers ;)
  5. Wow, thanks for your help! You're right about the extra money though, I'd rather spend it myself. Looks like I'll just have to head to New York on a spree, oh darn! ;)
  6. Thanks! Wonderful!!:P:yahoo:
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