Eluxury - Inclusion Speedy Keychain - Available!

  1. I was on Elux and they have the Inclusion Speedy Keychain in Beige (it wasn't there yesterday, that's for sure). :shrugs:

    If anyone is looking for one, they have it. Grab it while it's still there! :yes:
  2. how much? what colors are available
  3. Its not there now.
  4. I think it's $245 retail.
  5. yeah! i cant find it either....bummer
  6. OMG! I swear it was there! I can't believe they sold it within the time frame that I post this thread :sad: . Sorry.....
  7. I just went on eluxury and they had one in black (noir - that's black isn't it?). I would rather have had the beige, but I want to see this one IRL. Hopefully it will come and it wasn't just a glitch in the system.
  8. Oooh congrats on the snag, I hope you like it !! :yes:
  9. Thanks to Kalena for posting this!
  10. The. Retail on this speedy inclusion is $265 + state taxes, I saw it today at the soho store and the SA said that beige and black will be discontinue.
  11. Your welcome :P ! I bought my beige speedy a few days ago at the LV at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. They had three at the time. I really wanted to buy from Elux to save on sales tax, but they only had the cell charms. So when I saw it at Wynn, I snagged it! Anyone still interested, it wouldn't hurt to call them and order directly from them..... :yes: