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  1. Basically, I would put this under the LV forum, but it is listed as private for the "spring cleaning." I want to buy a LV this week with my tax return. I'm trying to decide on eluxury or LV boutique.

    Eluxury: I could buy my speedy by using ******, free shipping code and pay no extra sales taxes (about $41.65). But could risk getting a bag made in USA (not a big deal but would rather a made in France bag) and also, I kind of like the whole shopping boutique choosing your bag. Basically save about $50-60 total by eluxury

    Boutique: Get to pick my exact bag, don't have to wait for shipping and get the whole store enviornment. But I ultimately have to pay extra for the atmosphere. 45 minute drive away from home, I could go after school which is like 20 minutes away.

    In some ways I would like to choose the bag, but in others...saving money is a big deal too (I'm a college student BTW).

    Also, if I went boutique, I would want everything to be nicely wrapped. Do they charge extra if I wanted it gift wrapped for myself? I just want to make sure I know what to expect if I went boutique (I hate surprises).

    So what would you do? Save money or get the atmosphere. Thanks in advance.
  2. i'd go for elux - ur a college student, $50-60 is a lot of money, and honestly, sometimes the boutique experience just isn't worth it unless you have a good SA. they do gift wrap it for free, but so does elux. also, even if you go to boutique, they may not have a made in france one...
  3. But what's $50-60 when you're already buying a LV? I'm thinking about getting a Speedy 30 (will be my first LV!!), and I'm going to Nashville in a few weeks so I may get it from the boutique there. I could get it from elux, but for my first I want the whole "boutique experience."
  4. I'd go the boutique route, because you can physically examine the purse/accessory you are about to buy. I just bought a wallet at the boutique today and the one that was shown to be initially had flaws on it. Elux wouldn't allow you to do the same.

    But when you're unsure about a product, Elux may be a better route to go b/c of the current free shipping promotion. No questions will be asked if you decide to return/exchange a purse you ended up not liking.
  5. i would rather purchase from elux... the only time i don't purchase from the site is if there is something i really want and it's available at the boutique. i don't care for the boutique experience, although i agree that it is nice to be able to pick which bag you want.

    also, there's no guarantee that there's a 'made in France' speedy available if you go to the boutique. i'd rather save some money to put towards another purchase.
  6. If you're concerned w/ the "made in" aspect of the bag, try calling Elux and requesting it. Doesn't hurt to try. Since your a college student who needs to save, I say order from Elux and save the extra bucks. You can still go to the boutique, check out the bags and see which one you like and then go order it from Elux.
  7. You all have very valid points and I appreciate the advice you have given to me. I think I may think about it some more. Shopping at Vuitton is harder than I thought. I have to figure which style handbag, which size, and what type of canvas.

    I figured out speedy and I want it to be a damier, just which size. I think I may go to the boutique for that then maybe order from elux. I'm still not sure, but I appreciate all of your responses. Thank you.:yes:
  8. Sometimes even the ones in the boutique are made in USA. So no guarantee on that.
    But I think at least you have to try it on in person first so your first LV purchase wont be dissapointed.
  9. I would buy from Eluxury to save money.
  10. yes, definitely go to the boutique to determine which bag you want! that is important. personally i'd order from elux. i have only bought one bag from the boutique, though ive visited many times, and my damier speedy i bought in-store was made in USA. there really is no guarantee that they carry made in france bags, as many have said. its a fun experience, but is it worth the money to you? i calculated it and its actually $70 you'd be saving...$40 from tax, about $20 from ******, then $12 from shipping. to me, thats enough to be thinking of my next lv purchase! ;)

    plus, if you find anything wrong with your bag, you can always return/exhcnage to elux! the reade PM i just received from them a couple of weeks ago was made in france, which was a nice surprise!
  11. boutique
  12. Hey all, there are no LV threads until LV is open.

    Hang tight. Thanks!
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