Eluxury has the Pampilles Key Holder

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  1. Right now eluxury has the Pampilles Key Holder. There are 3 in Framboise and 2 in Pomme d'amour...wait only 1 in pomme since I have 1 pomme in my cart.
  2. Of course it is out of stock when I saw the post.
    Thank you though!
  3. they're gone... :sad:
  4. they are always gone. :'(
  5. I saw this in person and it's actually kind of big. Cute but not for me..I hope everyone who wants one gets one!!
  6. Pampilles Key Holders are so cute!! I saw them on Eluxury this morning at 2:00am. I put a Pomme D' Amour on my shopping bag but was undecided. This morning when I checked again they were gone. There was only one Framboise left so I decided to purchase it. Did you buy the Pomme? :smile:
  7. So glad I saw this-just checked and someone must have decided not to buy one and it's on it's way home:yahoo: Thanks for the heads Up
  8. Congrats! Pls post pics when you get it!:flowers:
  9. :amuse: no idea what this product is

    pics anyone?
  10. pinkiwhatever99- Thanks I will;) then I' give it to my hubby to wrap up for me vbmenu_register("postmenu_1767445", true);
  11. Congrats for those who grabbed them while they were there.