eLuxury has the Neo Speedy in all three colors!

  1. They have had blue and lichen for a while, but now fuchsia is in stock, too! I know there are some PF'ers who are wanting this bag!
  2. Me!!! DH is gonna kill me but I HAVE to order it and the Dentelle this week or I'm gonna miss out. Love love love the pink. Someone else showed a matching belt with theirs, and I'm in love with the look! Thanks for posting.
  3. Go for it!!! :party: its a gorgeous bag!!!!! :party: Rem to post pics when u get it!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Fuschia is back up again!! :graucho:
  5. OMG~~~ totally crying because I want one!!!!! I need some serious fushia in my life!!!

    ARGH! I'm p*****. :hysteric: :devil:
  6. haha Alaska. Meeee toooo!
  7. this is the bag that made me do a 180 on tPF back in Feb/March~!!
  8. You need to getcha one and a pink belt to match. I want some pink speeding sneakers too but I bet eBay is my only hope for that stuff. I like matchey-matchey! lol
  9. Gone Already! :crybaby: