Eluxury has perforated LV

  1. Eluxury.com has some of the new perforated bags
  2. [​IMG]OH MY GOSH! I LOVE THIS NEW BAG...except I just ordered the Dior gaucho tote yesterday and I will be a bad wife if I get this one.....!!! Did I buy the Dior bag too quickly????What do you think is nicer....The new Dior or this LV???!!!eek..I hate decisions.......
  3. ^^^I'd get the Dior, and LV typically eclipses Dior for me, but the perforated stuff reminds me of termites!
  4. ew! i don't like it at ALL!
  5. i am...underwhelmed. i don't see a speedy, and i don't like any of the colors except pink. i'd buy a cles if they had pink...
  6. i think the preforated look is really ugly.
  7. EEEW that's one ugly LV bag! No way..
  8. wow I love the pouchette .. in green .
  9. I don't really like this look...is it limited edition? If so..maybe the cles...but the speedy is ugh...
  10. The pricing is pretty out there, I don't think I'd get any piece from this line unless it was ridiculously cheap. :\
  11. I have a feeling that this style LV will be instantly hated and then wanted by all ...later on....They seem to have a habit of doing that!
    The Speedy is UGLY...I agree...but I love the Musette.
  12. PS- The Musette is over 1700.00 OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Man...that thing even has Louis Vuitton written across on it:Push:
  14. I don't understand why they are charging more for the items, they have less canvas and don't even have a lining!!
  15. Honestly, these bags are either victims of a driveby shooting or stepped on horribly by angry golfer.

    I just don't understand it !
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