eluxury has LV Cup Bags, but not on web

  1. Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum for a couple of months, and have learned so much about LV thanks to you all (and made a few purchases thanks to you all too). I'm definitely addicted! I have some scoop so I figured it's a good time to jump in with my first post.

    I called eluxury today to ask if they knew when they'd be receiving the 2007 LV Cup bags, since the release date was March 1st. I was interested in the Genois, and they told me they had 3 in stock. Couldn't tell me the dimensions, but told me to call the 866#. I called and they didn't know, but said they would call me back after they called the only store that had one(Rodeo Drive).
    They never called me back, but I called eluxury and ordered it anyway, even though I have no idea what the dimensions are! There are 2 left if anyone else want to order.
  2. LV Cup bags

    I am also waiting for these bags to come out right now. Based on the picture of the one you ordered I believe its a flat messenger type bag because I had asked about it. I also decided against it because based on what my SA told me it would be too small for my needs.
  3. I had been waiting for my SA to call when she received them, but I just happened to call eluxury today, and was surprised that they had received them before the stores. Laria, you should call elux, maybe they have the larger size ones in too.
    I was just looking for something small and very casual, so I hope the size of the Genois is ok!
  4. The Gennaker PM looks ok.
  5. Oh, I love that Genosis! And that pocket organizer...
  6. i want the spinnaker, since thats my job when i go sailing!
    also, its the cutest one IMO!
    a bit pricey however..
  7. i've got my name down for the Solent :yes:
  8. Hey WestieLV, can you post pics when you get your Genois, and can you post the dimensions? I'm dying to find out more about this one. Looks really cute!
  9. Cool to know. And, welcome to the forum fellow RIer!
  10. Sure, I will post pics when I receive it. It was shipped yesterday, and should be here by Wednesday.

    Thanks for the welcome Melocoton!
  11. OMG they're soooooooooo cute .. specially the Genois