Eluxury has 1 Pastilles Charm in mono

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  1. Only one! I am going to release it from my shopping cart right now!!
    eLUXURY - null - null

    GO GET IT!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Cool, post pics when you recieve it!
  4. UGH! They're GONE!
  5. Yikes. I currently have both in my shopping cart- the mono bag charm AND the mono key chain. I already have both of those in multicolor...do I need them in mono? The OCD in me says yes, but my bank account says no :roflmfao:
  6. I have both and I adore the brown it looks FAB on Damier.
  7. Hi! New to this board. Have read several messages and decided to jump in. What I refer to as "my other life" was filled with gucci-pucci stuff. The designer demon went off into its cave for years only to growl ferociously demanding to be fed. I think the pastilles must have looked like M&M's to it! Not even a demon can resist chocolate. And so I have bought them all! MC, brown and a keychain as well. The first one was a birthday gift which only served to whet my appetite. The rest is history. They are more than deeevine! P4M & The Demon
  8. :yes: Ms. Accessory Queen :queen:
  9. Yes. Elle you need it... :yes: Just in case you are having second thoughts!!:graucho:
  10. It is so cute.