eluxury: Hampstead PM & MM available now!

  1. The Hampsteads PM & MM are on eluxury right now but are not yet showing on vuitton.com (USA).

    PM: $885 USD
    MM: $1,090 USD
  2. oh..it's a good news! Love to see the pics!
  3. they also have 3 of the new multicolor purses in both colors!!!
  4. I just saw the MC purses- thanks for posting!
  5. Just saw the Hamsteads. Would love it in Azur.
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. The MM is out of stock already....:sad:
  8. I saw it the other day IRL... it is SOO cute!
  9. think they'll be doing an Azur one?
  10. That'd be so cute if they actually make them in azur.
  11. i have got to go try them on first.