Eluxury goofed up!

  1. This week I ordered a mono pochette for my daughter's upcoming birthday. It was due to be delivered today, but when it arrived, it wasn't my order! It was a Juicy locket for an eluxury employee! I called elux immediately, and the sweet girl I spoke with told me the intended recipient was sitting right next to her. :wtf: So I told her to let the girl know her locket would be delayed, and did she have my pochette?

    Anyway, no telling who got the pochette, but they're fixing things. They are sending me a FedEx return label and shipping a new pochette to me asap.

    So I wonder... if the locket girl didn't get my pochette, does that mean a bunch of orders were off by one? I got hers, she gets #2-persons, #2 gets #3-person's, etc? Hmmmm. I will be curious to see if anyone else on tPF receives someone else's order. :confused1:

    The elux envelope even had all the info for the employee in it. My name only appeared on the outer box. Weird!

    Fortunately we have a few weeks until my daughter's birthday. Good thing I was planning ahead! :yes:
  2. So glad it will work out for you but man what a mistake!
  3. No kidding! I wonder how they would figure it out if I hadn't called? So who gets my pochette and if they don't call would elux be able to find it? Kinda creepy.

    When I first saw the box I thought "That's kinda small, how'd they get it in there?" and then I saw the little box and thought "Aw, they sent me a little gift because they love me and want to make me a Gold Customer" or whatever that is. And then I thought "Hey, where't the flippin' pochette" and then "What the heck is going on here" and then "Who is Tiffany". Anyway, all's well that ends well. :yes:

    BTW, off topic, but boy is the LV forum quiet today! :shrugs:
  4. I am glad it is all working out for you. Good thing you were planning ahead, something I never do, lol.

    I agree, the forum is quiet today, maybe everyone is starting the holiday weekend early.
  5. Glad it worked out for you!
  6. Wow! What a bad mistake! Glad it worked out though!
  7. What an odd mistake.
  8. wierd. im glad you eventually got everything sorted out!
    congrats to your daughter on her bag, and happy early birthday to her!
  9. I'm so sorry that happened to you and I hope everything works out!

    I love your chain of thoughts upon opening though!
  10. OH BOY! I just ordered a mini pochette. Hmm, hope it works out for me! And you!
  11. Glad they got it straighten out for you- they shipped me the wrong item back in December- but my shipping info was on the eluxury information inside the box- :shrugs:
  12. Thanks for the support, everybody. The pochette was overnighted and is here, safe and sound. They didn't include the gift card this time though. Oh well. She's going to love it! THanks for the sweet wishes. :flowers: