Eluxury Gold VIP Member Status

  1. I am sure Eluxury made a mistake. I was placing an order yesterday and I was informed that from now on my items would ship priority because of my Gold VIP Status.

    I have only purchased 14 items since September of last year and have actually exchanged 6 because of defects. FEDEX even lost one of my packages once and Eluxury sent a replacement (Speedy 35). I certainly don't think this kind of history with Eluxury would make me a VIP member. :confused1:
  2. Nonetheless, that is awesome for you!! Maybe they don't keep track of the returns and just purchases for the VIP status?? Dunno, just a guess? Congrats!! :yes:
  3. Wow congrats!!
  4. Thats cool congrats!
  5. congrats
  6. wow, that's a great news for ya! congrats!
  7. congrats, now when they get LE items, they will let you know.
  8. Never know they have such thing :smile: But good for ya!
  9. congrats!
  10. Congrats!! Take it for what it is and don't question it. Nothing wrong with getting your orders faster!
  11. congrats and enjoy the new VIP status.
  12. ^:yes:

    But 6 defective out of 14 makes me :sweatdrop:
  13. You get to be a VIP pretty quick with them..I got to be one fairly fast too.
    You only have to purchase one item a year to stay a VIP so it's not really that bad. I haven't made my purchase this year but there's still time.
  14. Congrats on joining the club! I am a Gold VIP member with eluxury as well, and I LOVE how they upgrade everything, send me samples of beauty products, etc.!!
  15. Congrats ! VIP sounds awesome ~~. I did not know about it.