eluxury future plans to ship international?

  1. i heard eluxury has plans to ship international, does anyone know when it is going 2 happen?
  2. That would be great!! I have not heard that news, but I would love to have them start shipping to Canada!
  3. That would be great.
  4. I haven't heard that! I will keep watching this thread to see if anyone has any more details! I live in Canada in a province with no LV! I'm wondering if it would be worth paying all the duty and tax to bring it in to Canada?
  5. I haven't heard anything of eLuxury shipping international, but I do know they have Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide and you wouldn't have to pay large customs. ;)
  6. It would be convenient but prob not viable unless they are shipping out from local boutiques due to all the taxes incurred and postage too!
  7. Oh..it's a good news ...for me..
  8. hmmm.... but how would they charge international buyers??? I see this problematic cuz if buyers pay by eluxury/USA's price, then MANY countries would benefit from this while the actual boutiques in their hometown continues to sell LV at (eg.) 30% more than the US price.... Thus I would think that international buyers would still have to abide to their own country's LV retail price.... Now there's the question of: "what if my country doesn't have a LV boutique???" ..........:wtf:..... so I do NOT think that eluxury will start shipping internationally for LV any time soon (other items may be okay tho)
  9. That would be nice if they did.
  10. Not really. We didn't have a butique in my country until recently, and for me, it would've been a lot easier to log onto a webpage and order what I wanted there than to have to call to a store in another country. And still, my country is looooong from top to bottom and we have only one store, so it's not really convenient.

    Back to topic. I'd love eluxury to ship internationally - I've waited for that since I was 13 or 14, but of course, with my luck, it's typical that something like that might happen right before I move across the pond anyways:push:
  11. Even if eLux starts shipping to Canada, I'd still rather buy from the stores here, once all the conversions have been made, except for maybe Hawaii, most US prices can't beat the price in Alberta after taxes!
  12. It would be nice but LVs Canada prices are slightly cheaper than the US (I believe lol)

  13. LOL..I wonder if you live in MB?!?! that's where I am and no LV in driving distance...at least not less than 12 hours..LOL
  14. yup..you're right..I think even with tax in most provinces (but most especially Alberta, cuz that's the lowest) we still get better prices than US. Unless elux charges us in CDN...like same price as the CDN boutiques...that would be aweeeeeeeesome! but then comes CUSTOMS...:wtf: .
  15. Or how about those countries in which LV is cheaper than the US? It would be awful to pay US prices all of the sudden. :p