Eluxury - Further Reductions on Sale Items

  1. Up to 60% Off

  2. Thanks for posting! There is really nothing I want on their clearance!
  3. has anyone ever had problems ordering with eluxury?

    do they just cancel orders and not let anyone know that they did?
    i waited 1 week and only found out when i contacted live chat today.
    no e-mail notification nothing.
  4. There wasn't any further reductions on any of the stuff I was eyeing. In addition, they no longer have additional 30% off, so even if they have further reduction, not sure if it would beat the 30%.
  5. ya i think the discount is not as good as additional 30% of last week.
  6. i agree - the prices don't look as good as last week.
  7. Where are the further reductions? Nothing I've been looking at has been reduced!:tdown:
  8. i had 1 time that they cancelled my order, however, they have called my home number and let me know the same day i placed the order!
  9. Eluxury is funny like that, sometimes they are on point, other times they don't even send an email confirmation; HOWEVER, they are #1 when it comes to customer service. They messed up 4 times in the past with my orders, and each time when I asked for compensation I have gotten anywhere from a $25 and $50 gift certificate, therefore, that is better to me then Saks where they just say sorry and offer a 10% discount (which is the same discount for new customers). So stick with eluxury even though they slip up once in a while, you may find it lucrative.
  10. guess I missed all the good stuff :O