Eluxury Free shipping??

  1. Is there a code to punch in at checkout to get free shipping anymore?

  2. not yet - i think there will be one near the valentine's day.
  3. thanks.
  4. cool!
  5. didn't they just have one? i think it was JAN07, but i believe it ended already
  6. Ugh, they have the Azur Agenda avail now, and it's going to run out, but I don't want to shell out 12.50 for shipping!
  7. That always happens to me.
    So when will the next free shipping be?
  8. It would be nice if it was soon, also around Xmas before the increase in ****** - their rebate was 4% now it's only 3% - i'd like to see 8% again with FREE shipping, I want a Keepall 50 - NOW! HA! HA! Otherwise, I am just going to go to the LV store and eat the saving I would receive otherwise from ******...
  9. The code is MODE.
  10. ^Thanks!!!
  11. It worked, I used MODE and I just bought myself a LV Keepall 55 - I really wanted a 50, but they didn't have it in stock....I am so happy!!!! :nuts:

    Plus, FREE shipping - NO sales tax and I used ****** and saved an additional 3% - if you haven't signed up for ******, you should - you can use the link below if you'd like...YIPPEE!!!!! :yahoo: