eLuxury free shipping?

  1. Anyone have any idea when the next free shipping offer will be on eLuxury? There is an LV bag I have my eye on and would love to get free shipping too.

  2. I'm waiting too! I feel like it's been forever! I actually called them the other day asking if they'll have free shipping soon and they said they don't know in advance (yeah right).
  3. ^^ LOL! Then which higher power decides these things???
  4. Oh goddess of free shipping, deliver us from postage and handling fees....
  5. yep... ive been waiting for it forever... I think the last one was Mother's Day...
    gosh, when r they gonna give us free shipping????
  6. maybe around xmas time :smile:
  7. Aack! Christmas?!?!?!?! :wtf:

    I cannot wait that long. Guess I need to pay shipping. Pooey.:crybaby:
  8. I bit the bullet and ordered...
  9. I've been waiting for free shipping, too! I'm hoping around Labor Day or something(although I would be happy if they did it sooner).
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