eluxury free shipping question?????

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  1. I purchased my speedy 30 before Christmas, so my speedy was a free shipping item. When will eluxury offer the free shipping again? Only once a year? It's such a good deal and I would like to purchase more LV items in the future with shipping free & tax free. :yes:
  2. I've never bought from e-lux, but maybe around Valentine's Day and Mother's Day would be perfect timing for them to offer free shipping?
  3. I think free shipping is offered throughout the year. Sorry, I cannot be more detailed with the exact dates.
  4. hmm.. i think for the year 2006 they only had it two times. one for 3rd to 4th year of feb (code LEAP) and for christmas (code GOLD). :smile:
  5. I think they also offered it in Sept or Oct as well.
  6. thanks for the information...so I may wait until Feb to purchase next LV item^^
  7. may as well wait since the price is going to increase so any break will look the same before the increase:confused1:
  8. If you're a member of Elux, and you've signed up to receive promotional mails, they will email you when they run the free shipping. But i do remember a free shipping code around V-day. expect it to be around beginning of feb.
  9. I have to pay taxes here:crybaby: