eluxury free shipping code?

  1. anybody has it?
  2. nobody knows elux shipping code?
    i gotta buy LV before price hikes....
  3. no free shipping codes for elux.
  4. Hmm... I haven't heard of one lately. There are a couple promo codes for eLux out on ****** you can check out: http://www.******.com/stores/eLUXURY.htm. It's for free gifts, but not shipping. Sorry :sad:
  5. When Do The Prices Increase? I Was Going To Get A Speedy 30 For Christmas And Was Wondering When The Best Time To Buy Is.
  6. Shipping is so cheap as it is - $12.95 and then depending on where you live you don't have to pay sales tax either - good deal anytime, so much less than at LV, NM, Macy's, BG, Saks, etc....
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