Eluxury- FedEx retun label, boxes, dustbag?

  1. Ok So I am returning my Azur Speedy 30 and I called Eluxury and they told me that they would send me a shipping label for FedEx and then I would get some sort of $8 credit?

    Does that mean I don't have to pay for shipping and the label takes care of it? That's what my BF said, he said it's a prepaid label?

    Also, do I HAVE to send back the dustbag and LV box? I want to keep them LOL. HAs anyone kept them and just returned the bag? Or is that a big no-no?

  2. I am not sure about the shipping, you could call to have it clarified, not sure what that $8 credit is.

    I would send everything back, maybe not the brown box, but definately the dustbag that goes with the speedy.

    Once I ordered a keepall and then quickly got the luggage tag heat-stamped, then decided I wanted the smaller size.
    I offered that elux NOT send me another tag, but she said it was not a problem, so now I have an extra.
    What I am saying here, it is better to be upfront.

    Are you getting another LV style ? ?
  3. Yeah I already recieved teh Mono Speedy 30.

    Thanks. I'll probably just bring that label to the FedEx place and see what they say. If I have to pay shipping oh well.

    I would think if I kept the box it would probably be cheaper. So I think I will do that. Do I need to call them to confirm that I can?
  4. I think if it's an exchange, Elux pays for the shipping back and they give you free shipping on the exchanged item. As for the dustbags, boxes, I don't know. Maybe they don't care but if it were me I would just return everything so I'm sure that I'll get the full refund.
  5. I would return the dust bag, But you can keep the box.
  6. Did the dustbag come wit hthe bag ? I assume yes, so it gets retunred with the bag...!
    What came with the bag shen it was shipped should be returned with the bag. Yes your shippng label will be prepaid.

  7. Elux can send you the FedEx label by email. Just take it to the FedEx kiosk and they will provide you with a RMA tracking number. You don't have to pay for shipping. The box and dustbag must be return for all of the items in order to qualify for a refund. If you haven't noticed, their is a barcode on the LV brown box. Which is how they scan the return item back into the warehouse. Anyway it's tacky to keep the dust bag or the brown box. JMHO
  8. Ok thanks! That's good to know! I don't know why I really wanted to keep them I just want all teh LV stuff I can get LOL!

    That's good I won't have to pay shipping. Yeah they emailed it to me last night.

  9. I would think you would have to return the bag with all items it shipped with. If you are getting your money back, then eluxury should get back the dust bag and box.
  10. Thanks. I sent it back today. Box, bag, and dustbag, keys etc. Thaks for your input!
  11. It should be prepaid, but you will pay for it. They will credit you all but the return shipping. If you don't return everything, then they will NOT authorize your return! You can't return HALF of a purchase! LOL!