eLuxury Fall Catalogue is out

  1. [​IMG]

    Stunning bags, sexy dresses and chic boots dominate eLuxury's Fall Catalogue - check it out!

  2. Is it possible to order a print copy so we can oooooh and ahhhhhh over it while lounging around or is it only available on the internet?
  3. Very nice! I would like to order a copy as well but I don't know if they let people order their catalogs.
  4. I know they do send paper copies to their customers ... but don't know if you can order. Call customer service and ask. (Actually, they include them in their packaging.)
  5. omg I love the dior cannage handbag, its the red quilted one! love it!
  6. I just got the hard copy yesterday.. I love the RR denim blazer :biggrin:
  7. I just got it too! I love the black Dior lace knit dress. And the Pucci pumps. And the Juicy silk dress. And I gotta throw this catalog away!
  8. i got it yesterday too! There is so much I want to order!
  9. i got mine the other day, sadly i didn't like much in there... i think last years was better!
  10. Got mine too !
  11. got mine also!
  12. Hmmmm, I guess I'll try calling them this afternoon and see how I can order one. Lord knows I've spent tons of money with them, but maybe I didn't get put on the list for some reason.
  13. I agree with Fayden, last year issue was better.
  14. oh!! So everyone of U got yours… hmmm let me see
  15. I recieved one yesterday for the first time.