eluxury experiences?

  1. Hey everyone!

    I just ordered from eluxury today for the first time, and I wanted to know how all your experiences were. Did you receive a brown bag and box and everything? And just to check, can you return or exchange to LV stores?
  2. For what I understand you cannot return or exchange in LV stores...and yes, they send the box and dustbag...no brown LV box like the one you get at the store.
  3. I've ordered from them before, it came with the LV box and dust bag but no brown bag.
  4. My orders have always come with dust bag, brown box, ribbon, but no brown shopping bag.
  5. When I ordered my Speedy I got the dustbag, two piece brown box, and tags...
  6. Nope, no bag but the box and dustbag. :yes:
  7. if you tick off the "gift box" option, they send a blank LV card w/ its own paper slipcase. It's kinda cute to have. I stored it in the box with my receipt.
  8. I have made all my LV purchases through E-Lux. All of mine has always been great. And when I needed to return the turn around time was good! No complaints here.
  9. Same here. I turn to them rather than the boutique. Nothing but great experiences.
  10. oh, I received the dust bag, but no brown box or bag. It was the eLux generic box. I figured it was the trade off of not paying sales tax.
  11. I have ordered 3 louis vuitton bags from elux one came with the elux box and lv dustbag, the other two came with the lv box and dustbag. I always order from them because there is no sales tax. I rather pay the $17 shipping charge then $100+ in sales tax. Never had a problem.
  12. My items have always been in the LV brown box and with dustbag. Happily, I've only had to return once and the process was simple (icluding an email when they received my return). Credit was processed quickly. The money I save in tax, is offset by shipping costs though since they have discontinued free shipping promos on LV.
  13. I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Elux! When I recently got my Tivoli PM from Elux, the dust bag had a stain on it. I called them and they promptly shipped out another one. Highly recommend!!!:yes:
  14. My eLux experiences have been good so far. I've ordered two bags, one keychain, and several scarves. Each has come in the brown LV box, with the dustbag, but no shopping bag. For me, though, I gain no advantage by buying from eLux. I am in California, so I get charged sales tax, the same as if I bought at the boutique.
  15. I love their customer service. I've purchased five LV items from them, four went back (three for quality issues, one due to design that didn't work for me), and they processed the credits very quickly.