eLuxury Employees

  1. I know there are many thread about LV employees ... but what about eLuxury employee?? I applied there and they need customer service reps.

    Is it worth going through the interview process? Does anyone know if CSR get discounts off LV or anything else on there?

  2. I'm curious as well? Maybe you should ask them on Live Chat :smile:
  3. good call !
  4. Elux is hiring now?
  5. That would be such a fun job.
  6. Elux needs customer service reps since Christmas is coming up. Their job description was answering emails, phones, and online chat.

    lol about asking the online chat. I guess I will go to the interview and see what they offer :smile:
  7. I think Elux employees get the same discount etc as the Louis Vuitton employees... Not quite sure though. I have a cousin who worked for their company and got discounts at LV, Sephora, and Eluxury. I'm guessing because they're all owned by the same company. And he still gets the discount even though he doesn't work for them any longer!
  8. Now that is a perk! :nuts: :graucho:
  9. Cool! How do you apply in the first place?