Eluxury doesn't have...

  1. the Damier Speedy 25...I cannot find it on the eluxury website... :confused1: :crybaby:

    Am I missing something? Did I somehow over look it? Am I going crazy?!?!?! I really am ready to buy it and its not there any more :shrugs:
  2. don't worry. i heard other pf'ers said that elux stocks popular items like the speedy almost daily. just check daily. i'm sure it will be in stock soon. :angel:
  3. Yeah it'll be back.
  4. Its like magic, one day its there and the next day its gone! I think lots of their stuff is out of stock because of there free shipping promo they're doing. It'll be back soon. :flowers:
  5. oooh ok....thanks so much for the info
  6. Their inventory looks REALLY low right now!
  7. Yup, they replenish it every now and then so just check back.
  8. i just saw it there a few minutes ago..hurry hurry!!!!
  9. It's been off and on all week. It'll be back ;)