eLuxury does not charge tax?

  1. I just ordered a LV wallet from eLuxury and was not charged tax. Is this the way for anything ordered from their site?
  2. Yup as long as you don't live in Cali. Which you don't. ;)
  3. if you live in cali or TN you get charged tax. If you are in any other state it is tax free shopping
  4. and that's very sad for us Californians.
  5. ^^^ yep, as long as you don't live in CA...but for those of in CA, no such luck!
  6. elux would only charge sales tax if you have your orders shipped to CA or TN.
  7. Lol I know..it makes me mad that CA gets charged sales tax. Bah.
  8. Yeah it does suck, but then again I wouldnt give up living in CA for ANYTHING..its the best place on earth...we dont even have a "real" winter HAHAHAHA..yay the beach and pacific ocean is only mins from my home :biggrin:
  9. Lol yeah same here with the ocean and all (I'm in the Del Mar area, if you know it). It kind of gets on my nerves sometimes though especially in the winter..I've never even been in the snow lol. It'd be nice to see a change of seasons for once..I think I might go somewhere snowy this year haha.
  10. Yup, if you don't live in Cali or TN, you don't pay taxes.
  11. This is not truely tax free. It is the buyer's responsibility to report these purchases on his/her personal state income tax form and pay the sales tax on internet/mail order purchases if taxes were not paid at the time of the purchase. At least in the state of Indiana we are required to do this.

    I do not know how this is handled in states where there is no personal state income tax form to file.
  12. unless you live in NH where there is no tax :nuts:
  13. come to Boston, I can show you snow and how to shop on snowy days :graucho:

  14. You SUPPOSED to report it, but most people do not.

  15. How true that is....;)