Eluxury Deals

  1. http://eluxury.com/sales/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=11363886&SectionID=9000

    Cute little Dior ballerinas...you all are lucky my foot is way too big for these. lol ($440 to $159)

    Botkier Stirrup X-Studded Bag in Ivory ($695 to $279)

    There are some other returns and what not, but those are the only two that stood out to me. But, take a peak just in case!

  2. Ooo, great price on the Stirrup. Too bad I don't need another ivory bag.... or do i?
  3. Ashakes...the Botkier is not listed on the Elux sale page...how did you find it?
  4. Thanks free shipping too for any order. Use the code on their website!
  5. Does Elux charge tax?
  6. yes but only if its shipped to CA or TN
  7. It was on the sale page when I looked earlier? Is it gone?
  8. Looks like all the GOOD deals and items are GONE! :crybaby: